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White Petrol Powered Surfboard-SAVA Power
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Petrol Powered Surfboard

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Features and Highlights:

  • Powerful Performance: The petrol-powered system delivers astonishing propulsion, allowing you to glide through the waves with incredible speed. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfing enthusiast, this surfboard offers an unparalleled sense of passion and thrill.
  • High-Speed Performance: The petrol-powered surfboard reaches an impressive top speed of 55km/h, providing you with the exhilarating sensation of racing across the water's surface. Whether for surfing competitions or leisurely entertainment, this surfboard satisfies your need for speed.
  • Exceptional Range: Equipped with an efficient power system, this surfboard offers a maximum range of 90 minutes on a single fuel refill. This enables you to explore the ocean for an extended period, fully immersing yourself in the joy of surfing.
  • Lightweight and Sturdy: Constructed with 3K carbon fiber material, this surfboard is not only lightweight but also highly durable. Its superior strength ensures stability and safety throughout your surfing experience, while its lightweight design allows for easy portability and maneuverability.
  • Premium Warranty: We provide a 12-month warranty for this petrol-powered surfboard, ensuring you receive extended quality service and support after your purchase.

Whether you seek speed and excitement or want to embrace the joy of surfing, our Petrol-Powered Surfboard caters to your needs. With its powerful performance, high-speed capabilities, and exceptional range, it stands out as the ultimate companion for your surfing adventures. Purchase our product and embark on an advanced, reliable, and exhilarating surfing experience.


  • Material 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Top Speed 55km/h
  • Last 90 mins
  • Weight 26kg


2 STROKE 109 CC ENGINE Enjoy over 90min riding with only 3.5L fuel


Carbon fiber five-grab fins allow a smooth and balance turning when racing.


2 Storke Water Cooled Engine

Highly efficient, powerful and compact, providing excellent acceleration and speed for high-performance applications.

Large Capacity

Longer surfing sessions without interruption for refueling, providing a more enjoyable experience

30:1 fuel/oil mix ratio

2T engine oil and No. 95 gasoline for two-stroke engines,
Mixing ratio 1:30


SPEED IN YOUR HAND Joystick, the Key to Launch and Acceleration.

3K carbon fiber fins

5 carbon fiber fins,exceptional strength, stiffness, and durability while reducing weight, providing improved maneuverability and speed in the water

Upgraded power pump

Durable and sturdy muffler, power pump


Adjustable+ ergonomic pads and straps fit for both regular riders and beginners, make it

Free rack include

On the beach or in the exhibition hall, it is a beautiful landscape on the stand

SAVA motorized surfboard specifications

SAVA powered surfboard user manual:download

SAVA powered surfboard precaution:download

This is the video about to install the SAVA powered 

SAVA Motorized surfboard CE Certificate:Download

SAVA Motorized surfboard test report: Download

About Surfboard Warranty:

The surfboard comes with a one-year warranty 


If any SAVA powered surfboard product is warranted, warranty service is only available to customers who purchased it on this site, and SAVA will cover shipping costs associated with replacement if the product is deemed to be under warranty.

  • This policy only covers manufacturer defects.
  • You must have proof of a valid order number.

If you meet with any question during using the product, please contact the local dealer or contact us.

1.When you respond the failure, please tell us your name, address, contact telephone and product model, detailed description about the failure, we will serve you ASAP.

2.Warranty card: Please take good care of your warranty card and purchasing invoice; when you need contact us

3.When the product meets with failure within the warranty period, pls contact the local dealer or us. If you still can’t solve the probonsult or repair, please contact the local dealer or contact us. Lem according to the manual instructions as mentioned above.

4.If the time exceeds the warranty period and you need the repairment, please contact the local dealer or contact us for repairing, and we need charge a certain fees.

Beyond Warranty Range:

(1) Consumables such as spark plugs and motors are no longer covered by the warranty

(2) Damage caused by human factors such as unauthorized modification, arrangement of non-original parts or non-use as required will not be covered by warranty

(3) Failure to add lubricant to gasoline as required or use of inferior lubricating oil, resulting in no warranty for the engine.

(4) Wear and tear caused by illegal operations, damage caused by accidents, and damage caused by inhalation of foreign objects are not guaranteed.

  • Damage caused by improper care, handling or storage.
  • Damage due to heat exposure, including but not limited to direct sunlight, excessive time in the car, board wraps, etc.
  • Previous maintenance
  • Broken board
  • Circuit boards showing signs of improper care or handling
  • Collateral Damage Unreasonable Use or Abuse
  • Damage from normal wear and tear.
  • Perforations and/or previous repairs.
  • Dent and/or indentation from normal use and shock.
  • Cosmetic blemishes, i.e. scratches and/or paint chips
  • Damage caused by any cause other than defects in material and/or workmanship.
  • Demo board
  • Damage caused by unauthorized modification

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